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Rakau85 post(s)
#11-Nov-19 21:01

I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction to help understand what I am doing wrong.

I have some lidar data delivered in a gdb file. around 4Gb size, with 150+ files.

I have updated Visual C++ as per Adam's thread, and used the latest release

When creating new data source, go through all the steps as described in manual, I get an icon saying 'Data Source'. When clicking the '+' sign, it expands to only show '+ System Data'. Nothing else in.

Have tried linking, and get similar results.

I do have org_FileGDB.dll installed in GDAL

Any pointers much appreciated thanks.


242 post(s)
#11-Nov-19 22:37

Instead of Data Sources, or Linking, have you tried simply Importing? Does the Log give any error clues?

Rakau85 post(s)
#11-Nov-19 23:17

Tried importing, get a screen flash and then nothing.

There is nothing in the log to suggest anything wrong, load time 0.7 sec.

If I click the '+' I get something that almost looks recursive ( see image)



9,147 post(s)
#12-Nov-19 11:11

I think the recursive structure is the result of you opening the data source, and then accidentally dragging the data source item in the Project pane into it. The drag and drop operation moves data around, since the move is between different data sources (from MAP into GDB), it becomes a copy, and as a result of that copy you get a data source component inside the GDB that points to the same GDB. You can safely delete that component (best to: delete the data source in the MAP file, relink the GDB, open the GDB once, locate the recursive data source inside the opened GDB, delete it without opening).

We'll try to protect from recursive copies like this, it is too easy to accidentally create them it seems.


5,994 post(s)
#12-Nov-19 08:19

go through all the steps as described in manual,

Better to say specifically what you did, step by step, since the above doesn't say what parts of the manual you were following.

I do have org_FileGDB.dll installed in GDAL

? If you are using Manifold Release 9 and following the topics that discuss connecting to ESRI GDB, those do not use GDAL other than the one that explicitly uses GDAL. Are you trying to connect to the GDB using GDAL? How are you doing that?

If you are trying to use GDAL, and the GDB is a relatively recent GDB (not in the "old" GDB format), what happens when you connect using Manifold, and not GDAL, using the procedure in this topic?


9,147 post(s)
#12-Nov-19 11:24

The log file posted further in the thread does not reveal any issues.

Do you have other GDBs you can try linking or importing, to check whether issues are specific to your data set? You can try the GDB in the link in this post from an earlier thread: does that import / link fine?

Rakau85 post(s)
#25-Nov-19 07:24

Sorry about delay getting back with this issue.

My System:

i7 -3930K 3.2GHz

NVIDA GeForce GTX 660

64 bit Win 10


32 Gb RAM

Data stored on 512 Gb SSD


Data source ArcGIS gdb file with several Lidar images (supplied)

Steps taken:

Open Manifold > File > Create > New Data source

Set File type to gdb

Open Source, and highlight gdb file

Press 'Create Data Source'

No results at all

See attached screen shots


I took the supplied data to the suppliers, and it opened no trouble with ArcGIS on their machine.

I then hunted for Lidar Sample data and found the following link:

There is a sample data set here with 5 different gdb files

The vector (shape) files all open with no trouble at all, but the Topo_LiDar.gdb shows nothing when following the exact same procedure for creating data source

If anyone has a spare few minutes, could you please test if the Topo_LiDar.gdb will open, and if it does, explain what I could be doing wrong.

Thanks so much



5,994 post(s)
#25-Nov-19 11:10

ESRI's file GDB API (which Manifold uses) does not support access to rasters in a file GDB. GDAL has the same limitation, using either ESRI's file GDB or the OpenFileGDB option.

Rakau85 post(s)
#25-Nov-19 15:43

Thanks. I will get them converted to another format.

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