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Hydralogic36 post(s)
#25-Nov-19 06:17

Dear Manifold GIS community Admin,

please delete if deemed not appropriate.

I'm only a general user of Manifold GIS v8 and I don't have any experience with writing scripts.

I've searched on some popular freelancing sites but haven't been able to find someone through those platforms.

I would be grateful for any referrals or advice on preparing a script or scripts for the following.

Following is what I had posted to the freelancer platforms:

I am seeking an experienced Manifold GIS (8) user to create a script (or series of scripts) to perform a series of tasks with flood inundation surface files.

General tasks of the script include:

+ Subtracting two surface files to create a new surface

+ Converting surface to polygon

+ Cliping polygon with another polygon

+ Reating a custom area contour file.

+ Transfer data from a surface to point file and create formatted Labels.

Full details of the expected procedure are inculded in the attached file.

Also attached is a Manfold GIS (8) sample file.

Post Processing Script dm 001.docx

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#27-Nov-19 12:25

Did you find anyone? Perhaps you should share your contact. You can put your email into profile. That way it is visible only to forum members.


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#02-Dec-19 14:39

Please, feel free to shoot me an email.

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#02-Dec-19 15:12

if you haven't been able to find someone, feel free to contact me. I actually have a video course in scripting for Manifold GIS here, so perhaps that will give you the skills to start scripting things for yourself. I've inserted a coupon code for $14.99. But, if you still want someone to develop a user form, I'd be happy to do that. Speaking of forms, here is a free video I created that shows how to create Forms in Manifold 8 - In my opinion, still one of the more powerful features in Manifold 8.

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