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Hydralogic44 post(s)
#25-Nov-19 06:17

Dear Manifold GIS community Admin,

please delete if deemed not appropriate.

I'm only a general user of Manifold GIS v8 and I don't have any experience with writing scripts.

I've searched on some popular freelancing sites but haven't been able to find someone through those platforms.

I would be grateful for any referrals or advice on preparing a script or scripts for the following.

Following is what I had posted to the freelancer platforms:

I am seeking an experienced Manifold GIS (8) user to create a script (or series of scripts) to perform a series of tasks with flood inundation surface files.

General tasks of the script include:

+ Subtracting two surface files to create a new surface

+ Converting surface to polygon

+ Cliping polygon with another polygon

+ Reating a custom area contour file.

+ Transfer data from a surface to point file and create formatted Labels.

Full details of the expected procedure are inculded in the attached file.

Also attached is a Manfold GIS (8) sample file.

Post Processing Script dm 001.docx

374 post(s)
#27-Nov-19 12:25

Did you find anyone? Perhaps you should share your contact. You can put your email into profile. That way it is visible only to forum members.


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#10-Dec-19 07:30

I think User Interface Scripting is the thing you need for this.

Scripting of the user interface allows running interactive commands and controlling dialogs and controls, with scripting supported for common Windows controls such as buttons, check boxes, labels, text boxes, list boxes, combo boxes, tree views and list views. User interface scripting objects support scripting of the progress bar and slider controls, via the Textproperty. All Manifold dialogs support user interface scripting.

Have a look at the MFD 8 Help:

User Interface Scripting


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#02-Dec-19 14:39

Please, feel free to shoot me an email.

The Future of Spatial Data // //


3,124 post(s)
#02-Dec-19 15:12

if you haven't been able to find someone, feel free to contact me. I actually have a video course in scripting for Manifold GIS here, so perhaps that will give you the skills to start scripting things for yourself. I've inserted a coupon code for $14.99. But, if you still want someone to develop a user form, I'd be happy to do that. Speaking of forms, here is a free video I created that shows how to create Forms in Manifold 8 - In my opinion, still one of the more powerful features in Manifold 8.


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#09-Dec-19 15:11

You can contact me.

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