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atrushwo58 post(s)
#26-Nov-19 17:37

Forgive me if this is the wrong place for this question, but is anyone having issues installing version 170? My local IT guy can't get it to work. We haven't had any issues in the past. Every time we try to do the install we just end up with version 169 still. We are using this link.


5,611 post(s)
#26-Nov-19 18:11

Just tried it on a brand new machine and the 170 .exe installation works perfectly.

Keep in mind that the .exe file installs the official build using Windows installer. Launch it from the start menu.

If you had .169 installed, that was a portable installation, right? Could it be you still have links from your Start short cuts to .169?

atrushwo58 post(s)
#26-Nov-19 18:16

Perfect, that means the issue is on my end somewhere. I'll have IT look into it more. Much appreciated.

atrushwo58 post(s)
#26-Nov-19 18:37

Turns out we had both versions installed. Version 169 had to be uninstalled first to get 170 working.

149 post(s)
#26-Nov-19 22:26

That's strange, I just installed 9.0.170, both full and viewer without uninstalling and had no issues.


5,611 post(s)
#27-Nov-19 09:25

Version 169 had to be uninstalled first to get 170 working.

If you mean you installed both versions as official builds, using the .exe and not a portable edition, then there's no need to uninstall the earlier one to install 170. It sounds like the 169 installation may have been a portable installation.

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