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drtees92 post(s)
#05-Jan-20 23:21

I was playing around with the latest version of Manifold 9 (, testing the speed at which it could fill sinks in a large LIDAR file (~500MByte TIFF file). I imported an existing map file created in M8 in M9 and opened up the LIDAR layer. M9 completed the fill sinks task in 48 seconds. I then did the same using M8. That process took 19.3 hours. One could get dizzy with such speed increases!


9,321 post(s)
#07-Jan-20 13:30

Happy to hear this. :-)

A lot of the performance difference that you saw probably came from 9 using multiple threads where 8 used only one, but even a single-thread in 9 vs single-thread in 8 comparison should go in favor of 9. Plus 9 can process huge images which 8 has to bail out on.

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