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#07-Jan-20 23:28

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I'll deliver a MAP file to my client along with a link to the M9 Viewer (Official, installation version). So I'm cleaning up the MAP project and putting most layers in folders out of sight leaving only the MAP components. As a background the map components use a WMS layer of the whole province. The maps open to the full extent whereas the area of interest is very small, only several kilometres across.

Question, is there a way to lock or freeze the zoom level when closing a map so it re-opens to the same extent? It will take the client some time to click the plus sign to zoom, then re-pan, zoom, re-pan. It won't be obvious to them to right click and drag/draw to immediately zoom in. I don't see anything in the menu or layer properties or in the manual that applies.

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#07-Jan-20 23:35

Look at Locations


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#08-Jan-20 07:19

Expanding on rk's comment: you can configure a location with an Entity entry for your map. When you then right click the location and choose View, it opens the Map and pans and zooms to the chosen location, including the zoom level the location specifies.

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#08-Jan-20 22:57

Thanks RK and Dimitri, location works great. It wasn't intuitive at first, I tried clicking and double clicking the location component in the Project panel to zoom to the chosen location and extent. I see in the manual that Right click > View does the job or use the drop-down from the Location icon in the menu. Also handy that the Location works with different maps so I only need to set up a Location once and I or the client can re-use it to zoom to their jurisdiction area in different maps.

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