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drtees92 post(s)
#12-Feb-20 23:38

I downloaded a bunch of laz files from a government LiDAR portal and tried to import (or even link) them using the latest build of Manifold 9 ( Manifold dutifully shows the imported files in the project pane, but no data is imported, even after waiting a couple of hours. Version does load the same file and shows the data in the table. I have uploaded one of the laz files to Dropbox. The link to the file is attached to this message.

Running Manifold Version and

16GBytes RAM

Two-core Xeon processor running at 3.1GHz.

500GByte SSD

M9.0.170.3 Screen Grab (2020-02-12).JPG
M9.0.170.4 Screen Grab (2020-02-12).JPG


6,129 post(s)
#13-Feb-20 02:50

Verified it. Looks like a regression to me. I've reported it and sent in the file so it can get fixed. There's a lot of work going on in LiDAR right now so looks like some small error moving from .3 to .4.

Interesting in the meantime: link the .laz in 170.3 and it gets set up correctly. Save that project. Now, when you open the project in 170.4 it opens OK.


9,321 post(s)
#13-Feb-20 07:32

This is not a bug.

Prior to when you were linking a LAS / LAZ file and accessing the drawing / table, the system was checking for the spatial index and if the index did not exist, the system was building it right there and then, forcing you to wait until the index is built. With we now build the index in background and open the drawing / table without waiting, then notify relevant windows when the index is built.

See this item in the build notes:

The LAS / LAS library dataports build their spatial index in background, to allow doing other things in the same Manifold session while the index is building.

After you open the drawing or table and it shows nothing, note that the busy indicator in the right bottom corner is engaged - the system is building an index. Building an index on the file in the post should take about 2 minutes (took slightly more than that on a test machine), after that there will be a message in the log window, the busy indicator will turn inactive and both the drawing and table will show data.

Now, in until the index is built, both the drawing and the table show nothing. We noticed that the table does not actually need the spatial index to work so in the future only the drawing will show nothing and the table will show records.

We are working on some other improvements here which will help, too.

drtees92 post(s)
#13-Feb-20 22:45

Thank you, Adam. I probably did not let the process run long enough. However, I didn't see any activity with the busy indicator and saw no increases in CPU usage or disk access in Task Manager.

I would like to offer one suggestion here (with a suggestion being proffered through the correct channels later). The busy indicator in Manifold 8 could be modified to show green when nothing was happening and red when Manifold was busy with a task. Manifold 9 offers a much more subdued busy indicator that does not immediately show me that the program is busy with a task (a gray circle with a darker gray dot). Could we get the red-green indicator back? I seem to be more attuned to visual clues.

drtees92 post(s)
#13-Feb-20 22:53

Made a discovery. If I import the laz file and open the attached table, Manifold does not build the index. If I link the laz file, Manifold does build the index.


6,129 post(s)
#14-Feb-20 06:58

Yes. That is as it should be, at least for now. See the discussion in the LAS, LAZ LiDAR topic.

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