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#14-Feb-20 14:05

There's a new video on the Manifold site, in the Gallery page (which now points to Videos as the first stop).

This is an ambitious video comparing four of ESRI's spatial analyst tools - Cost Back Link, Cost Distance, Cost Allocation, and Path Distance with Vertical Factor - to equivalent tools in Manifold. Manifold takes only three or four seconds to produce what requires two minutes in ArcMap with Spatial Analyst to produce using the first three tools. The big surprise is how Manifold takes less than 9 seconds for the Path Distance computation, while Spatial Analyst takes over twelve minutes.

In such cases it is way faster to export the data for use in Manifold, compute for a few seconds in Manifold, and then import back into Arc. That can be very cost effective for geoprocessing as well, since Manifold costs significantly less than Spatial Analyst, which is $2500 a seat.

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