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#14-Feb-20 14:16

There's another video in the Gallery page on the Manifold site. This one compares Release 9 to Spatial Analyst running in ArcMap, using the geoprocessing tools Cost Back Link, Cost Distance, and Path Direction using Vertical Factor, which is equivalent to Cosest Path Slope Distance, that is, computing least cost paths routing around barriers while considering asymmetric direction of the path, with going down hill costing less than going up hill.

Cost Back Link (Closest Path Direction) and Cost Distance (Closet Path Distance) are a closer comparison, with ESRI taking around 25 seconds to about 3 seconds for Manifold, and the Spatial Analyst tools launching 9 instances in parallel (Manifold launches all 48 threads, running 100% utilization on each). But the big difference is with the way more complicated Closest Slope Path Distance where Manifold does in 7 seconds what takes Spatial Analyst *8 minutes*.

That's a good example of how the more complicated the functions the more Manifold's internal ability to optimize sequences of parallelized computations, like building slope on the fly to use for asymmetric path finding, can help get a bigger speed edge.

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