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#14-Feb-20 14:28

There is yet another video that came out today in the Gallery page on the Manifold site. This one is about a new feature that is a source of pride both for ESRI and also for Manifold.

Most of the Spatial Analyst tools have been around a while, but last year ESRI added a new one, which can compute Euclidean distances in rasters not just in one straight line but in a sequence of straight lines that route around barriers between a given pixel and the target source point. There's a good illustration in the video (from an ESRI blog) that shows what it does. ESRI has been blogging about it, justifiably proud about the accomplishment.

Manifold matched the new ESRI feature with a new transform introduced in the latest build 170.4. See it in action here, typically running 8 to 10 times faster than Spatial Analyst. That's a relatively smaller speed advantage for Manifold, since Euclidean computations around barriers are not as computationally intensive as the other geoprocessing functions compared in recent videos.

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