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#24-Mar-20 05:19

There is a new Turkish translation in addition to the localization file published yesterday. This new one is ui.tr_alt.txt and has been added to the collection. It is also attached.

It is similar to the other one, but was contributed by a different translator and so may be preferred in some cases.

Because of the file name including an _alt, it cannot be automatically recognized if your Windows system is set to use Turkish by default. To use the file, either rename it to for automatic recognition in such cases, or simply launch Manifold and in Tools - Options - Localizations choose the ui.tr_alt file as the one to use. Restart and it will be used.

Plans in the future are to name any additional translations using _alt in their names, maybe making it _alt1, _alt2, etc. when there are more than two localizations.


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