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dprellwitz39 post(s)
#17-May-20 00:37

Recently rebuilt PC (I7, 4Tb hd, 1Tb SSD, Nvida RTX 2060, Win10Pro) but evidently Windows 10 failed to reinstall Manifold 8. All files seem to be there (I've used Manifold from 6.0) but i'm not sure how to recover newest installation (which one to use??) so i could use some help!


5,993 post(s)
#17-May-20 06:37

1. Download the Release 8 installation. Get the 64-bit installation if you have a 64 bit license and 64 bit windows, otherwise use the 32-bit installation.

2. Uninstall any old Release 8 installation.

3. Install the new installation you downloaded, and activate. See the Activation Guide, if need be.

dprellwitz39 post(s)
#20-May-20 18:01

Dimitri, thanks. Will all the options still be there if i delete the other Release 8 installation files? i have almost all the options for this release.


5,993 post(s)
#20-May-20 18:36

Whether or not you see various options for Release 8 depends on what serial number you use to activate it. If you use a Universal or Ultimate, you get the various extensions automatically. Otherwise, if activation is not remembered, you have to activate the various extensions. See the Activation and Licensing part of the Release 8 User Manual.

dprellwitz39 post(s)
#20-May-20 20:47


Installed Manifold8-64. I have my original llicenses. During Activation, i've gotten to the "need to use manual activation" process, but i don't know the "System ID", nor does it show up in a search of Windows Control page. any suggestions? thanks!

dprellwitz39 post(s)
#20-May-20 21:10

looking at the "About" screen, i see two items -

"Device ID: 30C30DFF-3219-4C97-A4FA-99BB7#######" and

"Product ID: 00330-8####-87###-AA###"

are either of those the "System-ID"?

by the way, i have no problem with purchasing Manifold 9 if you think that will be a better fit. I'm now retired from US Coast Guard, but still use GIS for fun projects. Do you think M9 would be a better and easier fit?


5,993 post(s)
#21-May-20 05:37

All that is discussed in the Activation and Licensing part of the Release 8 User Manual. Please read that carefully, for example, the Activation Keys and Serial Numbers topic. Don't skim or skip over anything. Actually read that topic (and other relevant topics, such as installing extensions) from beginning to end. Do what that topic says.

Respectfully, if a pointer to the right topic is not enough, the forum is not the place for more extensive help on how to install or activate. See for help.

Regarding 9 vs 8:

9 is different than 8. Make sure you read the introductory topics carefully. If you skip the introductory reading and just try to "wing it" as if 9 were 8, you'll encounter lots of totally unnecessary frustration. Read the introductory topics and it falls into place quickly. See also comments in the FAQ comparing 9 to 8, download the free Viewer (everybody should have Viewer... if you're doing anything in GIS it's just plain nuts not to have it in the toolbox), follow along in the first three tutorials in the Videos page.

As to whether you should go with 9 or 8 it depends what you want to do with GIS.

I far prefer 9 because it has way more data sources and formats than 8, and I like the speed. For me, for exploring the world around me and drilling into data to discover what I want to know, 9 is hands down a better tool than 8.

On the other hand, 8 has a seemingly endless roster of pre-built tools and conveniences. It has many more interactive raster tools, although since 8 is limited to relatively small rasters (a 100 MB raster in 8 is a big deal) it's often painful to apply them to the particular image you are working with. That's the same drill as with all the classic GIS packages, which have lots of features but then when you go to use them you discover they are painfully slow on the data sizes that you're working with. What used to be "bigger data" ten years ago is now just routine stuff.

People doing working cartography tend to prefer 8 or a mix of 8 and 9 because 8 still (so far) has more conveniences in Layouts for that, for example, borders showing graticule ticks.

I'm puzzled why you would need to buy a 9 license if you have an 8 license. It's really hard to run out of activations on an 8 license, especially with the Covid special of three free activation keys in 2020.

dprellwitz39 post(s)
#23-May-20 19:16

Thanks for the help on activation - it's working and i still have several left if needed...

As to 8 vs 9 questions, I've had issues with larger raster files and you noted that 9 is much better with raster images than 8. Also, i just like to explore different topics, areas, ideas and play with GIS, but find doing that with 8 is sometimes taxing. Perhaps 9 would make it easier to "play". I'll contemplate playing with 9 while i'm stuck at home because of covid19. Again, thanks for your time and thoughts!

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