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#20-Jun-20 20:34

I found an unexpected area style transparency effect.

StyleArea { "Value": { "Stroke": "1", "Style": "line" } }

StyleAreaSize values between 1.13 and 1.87 - no lines visible, partly transparent.

I have no problem with it. It is cool but surprising.



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#21-Jun-20 14:20

That's cool, but I think it is an expected effect. You are mixing colored lines and transparent regions in such fine alterations that the effect is partially transparent, like looking through a mosquito mesh screen. You can see how it happens by increasing the size parameter in slight steps. You can vary the effect somewhat by changing the stroke size as well.

Also, try applying this effect to an Inner style of the area, using transparency and solid fill for the main area. That ends up having an inner bleed region...nice effect! Thanks for finding this.


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