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Manifold is a raster tool with projection but was is the name of the projection if i import not a map but really a drawing done in photoshop inside manifold ?

In a way the question could be what is the projection name implicit use in all raster tool ( so photoshop ) ?

In a way i want to use manifold like a raster tool but using the same resolution / density/ color depth/ color model ... ... parameters use in raster create by photoshop !

In a way i want to work in a drawing using a location icon ( in the menu) that define a real A4 page ( 29,7 x 21cm) !! manifold can work on long distance ( earth) but with a microcospe is there a limit distance that manifold can't work ?

want to work in 1:1 zoom from reality !! 1cm on drawing = 1cm when print




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#29-Jun-20 15:36

You can choose any projection, you just have to make sure that all components you derive from the original image use the exact same projection. It might make sense to stick to the default pseudo-Mercator though, because it's (a) the default, so sticking to it is simplest, and (b) metric, so you can set up coordinate system metrics such that pixel coordinates make sense during editing - eg, they can be in millimeters or in some other typographic units.

You can zoom to 1 cm on screen = 1 cm on Earth at any time in any component in any projection by right-clicking the scale readout in the status bar and selecting 1:1.


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