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#01-Jul-20 19:59


I don't understand how selection works with Fill Missing Transform. There is a "Restrict to selection" checkbox. So, I should be able to select. And this is working at the end, but the selection is not visible on screen before clicking "Update Field".

Is it just me or something is wrong ?


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#01-Jul-20 22:21

Same old story... Post some sample data and a step-by-step workflow.


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#02-Jul-20 13:10

To add to what Tim wrote: selection in images in 9 currently works on the level of tiles - a whole tile is either selected or not selected. We are going to change this to work on the level of pixels, like in 8. The reason we didn't make it work on the level of pixels from the beginning is that 9 deals with much larger images than 8.


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#02-Jul-20 13:54

I already knew that, and selecting tile is ok for the task I have to do.

The problem is with the visibility of the selected tiles. I'll try to come back with a detailed step by step description.

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