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#04-Jul-20 19:00


this post is a mix of

Help on adding a compass rose to a map ( not frame rose in Layout , rose drawing )

Applying Styles in M9 vs M8 ( 3 area with 2 geomcolumn )

I post here a little map and the minus problem i have when do things.

1) i don't find howto have bigger rose using transform . I use the Script and use a x100 zoom but yes as always we can use the transform scale but not on each part of the rose. Each line of the rose must be one geom . then all the line must be a group.

I try to merge all geom of rose line to one line using transform merge( add component = new drawing ) . and then copy this geom to the rose_final geom cell ( i create first a line geom to be replace ) ...but not work !!

2) i don't find howto shift easely the rose that is locate near bottom africa . The traker give me angle and distance but the shift need meter X and meter Y. Don't use sin and cos since i don't master projectin and perhaps the use of this geometry function don't make sense in the context ?

3) during the use of the shift , and when use the zoom in the same time ; the rose disseppear ( near final target at specific zoom ) so i validate the shift each time i could not see the rose move on the map. I show a capture screen but as always when i validate the shift , then the whole rose appear nice !

4) i create using schema a column geompoint ( type geom) and then don't find an easy way to use this column in the same table using transform gui. There is for save " update field" and " add component" butnot "add column". As always there is a nice way to edit SQL code and do some change !!

5) i zoom to the center of the rose in 1:1 and i design a small area . Strange there is a new "horizontal" line that appear on the right under the horizontal axe reference ! appear iafter import rose from export and import shp !! select the top select the 2 branch , select the bottom don't select the top .

6) I really like the way the drawing sllide in drawing is dynamic lik to layers pane . I feel more natural that the last item slide make the last tab appear in the last right side so mean is in the top. But when change the tab order , the order in layer change too !!

7) when forget to desactivate image server ( bing) when move and change shift value, the manifold 9 software is very slow and i need tp wait some minute to be bale to desactivate the map server tab .

I think image server should have priority focus when we need to desactivate ( non visible) the content of this tab

8) i was thinking that slide the map focus that use the "Location final" ll be render in the layout with this "Location final" but not !! The image server slow the process a lot !!

9) i was thinking i could move the "create text " Frame using transform function but none appear !

10) it is strange to have when layout is active 2 items for text : "create text" and "create text sample". i need to read the manifold doc ...

11) I not master layout by using gui without the help of manifold doc ..... so stop here any comments

12) selection when many drawing is open inside one work only for the active tab ( drawing) !!




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#04-Jul-20 19:18

some questio ns

1) why all the drawing that use 00 axes like the rose is always locate by defaut in the sea near africa ?

2) for the 2 horizontal line , there really is 2 lines store each in different raw !

Select the top select the second so there is a strange behaviour when work at zoom 1:1 ( or perhaps other reason ) need to also discover where the new row appear affter use shapefile export import and script !! the error come to pi that is an average value so since the way counter work it create a second line that is not the same that the first line create by the script after a 360 turn


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#05-Jul-20 15:23

1) because that is where (0°00'00" Lat ; 0°00'00" Long) is located...



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#06-Jul-20 08:20

Regarding the extra connector line and the extra area slice - they are produced by the original version of the query, because of an off-by-one error in the second and third calls to ValueSequence, both of these calls count one too far. See this post of mine in the original thread. To fix, alter these two calls to count from 0 to 7 (instead of from 0 to 8).

For shifting / scaling, I think it is simplest to put the compass into a separate drawing and add it as a separate frame in a layout. For rotation, since the compass, as created, is centered at 0, 0, perhaps you can rotate simply using the Rotate transform.


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#06-Jul-20 08:26

Also: we'll take care of (7) in the first post. When a web image is turned on, zooming and panning wait for it, this sometimes produces delays. We will change things so that rendering doesn't have to wait for any of the pending requests, however small.

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