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Corentin79 post(s)
#06-Jul-20 21:04


I have a table with 3million records with lat, long and values. It is a wind map. I want to create an image from this table, so (as refered in the documentation) I right click on the table and choose create new image, I get this window :

and nothing happens when I click on create image

My table as the folowing schema :

I tried to do it in M8 but after more than 2hr of computation only 1% of work was done...

My data originally comes from an mdb database and was sucessfully import in M9 (lauching M9 32 bit, then saving and opening in M9 64bit)

What am I doing wrong?


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#07-Jul-20 00:45

So, I have some 17 yr old windspeed data I am trying this on. Sending the .mxb along for those playing the home game.

Still working on this. Will followup when I return..



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#07-Jul-20 01:29

Using the Manifold video example at

The latter 2/3 of the video gives the example. Starting approximately 4:00 in, the process for bringing in a table is shown. This sets the stage and has some schema editing steps that you will need to do on your table. At approx. 8:00 the video describes how to take the Table in question, populate the Geom field with the Long/Lat & Z (in your case, one of the speed or power fields). Then using the "Interpolate, Kriging" transform, generate the wanted raster.

I hope this helps.

Corentin79 post(s)
#07-Jul-20 10:34

Worked perfectly, in few minutes! Amazing

Thank you very much


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#07-Jul-20 07:11

To add to what oeaulong is saying:

The New Image dialog is used to create either (a) a new blank image or (b) a new image for existing image data (tiles) already prepared and stored in a table. The latter primarily occurs when you are creating image data using a query, the New Image dialog allows quickly creating a new component to view that data in case you forgot to create such a component programmatically.

In your case, there's no image data just yet, you want to create it. 9 can do this in a variety of ways, the one that best fits your scenario is interpolating a drawing. So, you have to create a drawing and then you can run a transform that will take that drawing and interpolate it into a new image, generating tiles. In order to create a drawing, you have to have a geometry field. Your data doesn't have one, but it has fields for latitude / longitude, you can compose geometry data from them. This is also done using a transform.

For details, see the video linked above. Or see examples in Help.

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