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#29-Jul-20 14:43

There are three new and updated videos on the Videos page, in the tutorials section. These are part of a new effort that's just begun to start updating videos to match recent changes in user interface, panes, etc.

For anybody who has uploaded a photo of themselves, check out the "How to Use Example Projects" video to see if you appear. :-)

Given imminent changes in the select and transform panes in the upcoming new build (looks like "late this week" is going to mean Sunday...) very many of the videos will have to be updated, probably over half of the 140+ now published. Plans are to restructure these a bit so there will be many "five minute" videos that just cover a single feature or tool, with in addition some longer videos that show how different facilities are used in combination.


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#30-Jul-20 06:03

really good video .

what is missing is a transparency per object type ( lne area point) not for all drawing !

really like how transform function unit change after change projection from degre to meter for venice !

really nice venice data ! ( Free ?)

edit query help a lot to custom SLQ code using query builder editor !

the speed beetween location is insane !!

All is great always



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#01-Aug-20 13:42

These are fab, it's amazing how much the old Manifold is there but so much better. I've been out for a while so I missed how much is here. So much goodness, but the relation of tables to layers is just πŸ‘and the reframing of layer tasks as joins is πŸš€

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