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#09-Sep-20 10:53

Hi there. Can anyone recommend a Manifold freelancer who could do some fairly simple work for us? Essentially, as part of a commission to survey a country park, our ecologists have produced some geo-registered British Grid drawings in Manifold 8 of various habitat types and target notes of an area of land on the coast of Southern England covering approx. 280ha.

Our ecologists are fairly basic users of GIS and the client wants higher quality drawings (they use ArcGIS) so that they can use the data more widely. We think it is going to be much quicker and better for our maps to be neatened up to a more professional level by an expert GIS user. Can anyone recommend any such person?

Many thanks!


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#09-Sep-20 21:29

Private message sent to your forum address. If this is not correct please let me know an updated contact email.

#10-Sep-20 08:16

Got it! Will be in touch shortly. Many thanks!

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#12-Sep-20 03:17

Sending you a message now.

#14-Sep-20 13:20

Many thanks to all those who replied here and by email. It looks like we have found the help we need. We'll probably need more help in future, so it was great to get some willing contacts.

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