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#09-Sep-20 14:31

My drawings are about 10m off to the right. I'm using EPSG:28992 as the projection all the time. It goes wrong in both the latest cutting edge version and the latest offcial build. M8 works fine by the way. To illustrate this I have created a table with three fields: x, y, and geom. X is set to 155000 and y to 463000. This is the center of the country, the point should be on top of the tower in Amersfoort. The following image illustrates the right position (not exactly on top, but that is cause of the birdseye view of the image).

But when I create the drawing in M9 (geom = GeomMakePoint(MakeVectorX2(x,y)) then the point is about 10 meters off to the right. It should be exactly on the position of the little tower symbol.

Any suggestions how to fix this?

dutch projection


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#09-Sep-20 22:15

Hello Sloots. I have been playing with your .map file. Please try this.

Open up Drawing.

In the Info pane under the Component tab click on the projection button (compass). Pull to "Repair Initial Coordinate System" and choose "More..."

Click on the "Custom" tab. Next to the Base setting, click on the globe-projection button. Pull down to "More...".

When the Base Coordinate System dialog opens, click on the Standard tab. Select "Amersfoort" from the list below. Note that this doesn't have a EPSG designation next to it.

I think you will find that the datum change will adjust your existing point correctly to the middle of the tower.

There are some subtle changes from these two Base systems.


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#10-Sep-20 08:11

Thanks a lot oeaulong, that did the trick. Since a week or so all my Favourites (both datasources and projections) disappeared. I restored the 28992 as favourite, but it turned out it was a little different...

Thanks again!

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