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#10-Sep-20 14:19

Hi everyone,

this year I was put in charge of our Master's Degree student cooperative projects (sort of like a practical thesis). Since our program is about GIS Management (and a number of people on this forum have been through the program), many of the students choose to perform a GIS Needs Assessment, Strategic Plan, or Cost/Benefit Analysis. Our program actually has a record number of students (no need to pat me on the back, recessions usually see a rise in people going back for graduate degrees - ha, ha), so there are more projects to manage.

In my attempt to find suitable Cooperative Projects for the students, I wanted to reach out to our Manifold partners and see if you organization might want to have a graduate student conduct a needs assessment, strategic plan, or cost benefit analysis.

Some ideas might include a cost benefit analysis on a transition to Manifold from more expensive commercial options, or even just an inventory and plan for the next 5 years of your GIS development.

The students would likely get funding for travel through the University, and the work would be a part of their master's project, so you would not have to provide any funding (unless you wanted to). Also, I would imagine that one of the grad students would visit your site and conduct interviews over the course of a week (maybe include a half-day seminar on what a GIS is and how it can be used so that some of your staff would be more enlightened as to how it can benefit the organization), and then come back and compile the report.

So, if you had interest in this for your organization, please contact me and let me know. I think we can only do this in the United States, but who knows, if funding is available, we might be able to do something International, though I am doubtful given the COVID restrictions.



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