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#11-Sep-20 20:52

Is there a current way to move multiple areas the same distance.

In Mfd8 the edit-<shift-drag> could move entire selections.

Has this been implemented yet? Or is there a workaround with Geom additions?


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#11-Sep-20 21:20

I was able to nudge the Metrics by the amount, then reproject.



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#12-Sep-20 00:10

I am interested in this.

In 8, I remember it being a revelation to find out (from adamw on the forum) that we could move a group of objects together using the Shift key, as you say.

All the same, for me this was useful only sometimes, seldom, mainly for a quick and dirty data repair, which often seemed to solve a problem rather than really solving it. More usually, there was a major but subtle data workflow issue elsewhere, and the real solution was to solve that (or to recreate the data).

What I'm saying is that I'm not sure I really miss it, as an interactive editing tool.

Can you explain more about what you wound up doing here to solve your problem?

What method did you use for the "nudge" (a move transform?), and also what does reprojection have to do with the editing?

Do we need more? Even some more "nice to have" tools?


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#13-Sep-20 16:09


using the tracker I worked out the measurement in one direction then the other.

in the Repair Initial Coordinate System/More...

Then the XY button at the bottom of the Coordinate System dialog.

Edit the values, then adjust the Local Offset X & Y

Once I was happy with the nudge, I reprojected the layer to set the change. I could have left it, but the details of the change would have been buried and I wanted the whole projection to be clean.

I will have to also try Dimitri's workaround.


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#14-Sep-20 00:04

Obvious now you've said it, thanks.

Nice method. Mainly when all objects in a drawing need the same nudge, which is probably the usual case.

When only a selection needed nudging, those objects could be moved into a separate drawing first. That would work just as well, still an ideal method.


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#12-Sep-20 06:59

Is there a current way to move multiple areas the same distance.

Yes. Select the areas to be moved and use the Reshape : shift transform with the "selection only" box checked.

For interactively moving all selected objects, there's no reason that could not be added. It's just a question of what key combination would do the trick.

Shift-click and drag is taken (move all vertices of a picked object), Shift-alt-click is a pick in all layers, Ctrl-shift click is a deselect.

So... I suppose a Ctrl-alt-shift-click and drag would do the trick, but that seems clumsy. That also breaks how the Coordinates pane shows how coordinates are about to change, since that only applies to the picked object, but maybe one could live with that.


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#13-Sep-20 16:12

I think with a 'selection' checkbox or toggle button could allow the continued convention of the Shift-click/Drag from 8. I will try your Reshape workaround.

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