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#14-Sep-20 18:16

In M8 there is a handy utility that appears when you press the INS key while creating vector features. The functionality is documented under the heading Lines and Areas (

I use this tool to quickly create line of a precise length and bearing, usually using existing features as a guide (creating new parcels of land exactly adjacent to and at the same bearing as existing parcels).

I believe there has been significant effort put into CoGo functionality in 9 (, and I have reviewed both the "Snap Modes" and "Traverses" topics in the M9 documentation, but I can't figure out how to replicate my M8 workflow. It is likely that I don't understand the survey traverse functionality.

How would I create a new line of a specified length at a precise specified decimal degree bearing (-6.994 deg, for example)?

Thank you.

Mike Pelletier

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#14-Sep-20 18:42

You can write the values down in notepad using the format in the documentation and import the file into the traverse pane. Once there though, currently you cannot alter the values directly in the pane. :-(

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#16-Sep-20 01:24

That works, thanks.

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