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JoeyD9 post(s)
#11-Oct-20 11:17

Hi, I have searched but did not find anything that really fits my needs. However, my fuzzy memory tells me that I have read about this somewhere: Is there a way to vectorize WMS-images? I have a black and white image just with lines and 2 types of points giving propery delimiters for a federal state of Germany (URL attached, select "adv_alkis_flurstuecke"), and I would like to transform a small subset of the data (for one village, attached) into a drawing, if possible already as areas, not lines. Ideally the vectorization happens on the best zoom-level. I guess this is possible for a programming pro, but is it also possible for someone like me who can, so far, just use templates and apply and modify provided scripts? I am curious to hear your ideas!

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#12-Oct-20 13:50

Could you not fetch the required data as "open data" under the INSPIRE directive ?

JoeyD9 post(s)
#13-Oct-20 07:07

Hi Yves,

hm, I hadn't considered this, thanks! However, as far as I understand this directive, "The INSPIRE Directive lays down a number of rights and obligations regarding the sharing of spatial data sets and services between all levels of government (public authorities)". I don't fall into this category of entities. I also did not find the term "open data" in the Directive. As far as I can see, this Directive is not applicable to me. I could buy the vector data, which would be rather expensive. Of course the re-vectorization is a huge effort as well. Building it from the scratch is probably much more expensive. My question here was rather to elucidate if anyone has already done something like that, which then could be re-used.

So any further advice, on the technical challenge or on EU-Directives, is still welcome. Thanks in advance!


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JoeyD9 post(s)
#13-Oct-20 16:32

Hi again,

I did some further digging: actually the federal state considers this data provision via WMS as provision of open data according to INSPIRE. They have a WFS service for the same data but only accessible for public administration. So in essence there is no access to vector data via INSPIRE. Unfortunately!


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#14-Oct-20 11:06

HI JoeyD,

Are you working with M9 or M8 ?

You mention in your initial message ... a federal state of Germany (URL attached, select "adv_alkis_flurstuecke") and I would like to transform a small subset of the data (for one village, attached)...

What is the exact URL , what is the exact Layer, what is the precise EPSG ?

Is your image like this (example Sachsen area),5644639,391625,5645139&WIDTH=2000&HEIGHT=1000

JoeyD9 post(s)
#23-Oct-20 07:55

Hi Yves,

Sorry it took a while, I was tied up with other things: I am working on M9. The URL of the WMS-server is

EPSG is 5650

I took this from the properties of the data source:

{ "Source": "https:\/\/\/dienste\/alkis_wms", "SourceAgent": "Mozilla\/5.0 Manifold\/9.0", "SourceCache": true, "SourceCacheTemp": true, "SourceCoordSystemPreferred": "5650", "SourceUuid": "91fc18ec-ae98-4adf-a7a7-ef1a04d5dcd1" }

If you connect to this WMS you find several folders. In the folder "Flurstuecke" you find adv_alkis_flurstuecke, this is the image I am talking about.

Sachsen is a different federal state, I am dealing with Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Access rights to geodata can vary. As I said the access to the WMS is free, whereas the same data provided via WFS is access restricted to public administration, i.e. not available to me. So the INSPIRE topic seems to be addressed: No free access to vector data.

As mentioned, I would like to transform the property information displayed via WMS back transformed into a drawing. Possible or not?

Best regards, Joey

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#24-Oct-20 19:38

You could - the hard way - build your own tile system and download all necessary tiles to cover the locality like with :





The above image covers a 100 m x 100 m for a 1000 x 1000 pixel image

Google chrome Webbroser will require : Transparant = false ( if true --> you will get a black background on screen)

Sure there must exist easier ways to do this using Manifold 8 or 9 or other programs ?

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#26-Oct-20 09:31

I am not sure about the distance (100 x 100m)

EPSG 5650 has a false easting of 33500000 and there is a scaling aspect to take into account.

{ "Name": "ETRS89 \/ UTM zone 33N (zE-N) (EPSG:5650)", "System": "Transverse Mercator", "CenterLat": 0, "CenterLon": 15, "FalseEasting": 33500000, "ScaleX": 0.9996, "ScaleY": 0.9996, "Axes": "XY", "Base": "ETRS89 (EPSG:4258)", "MajorAxis": 6378137, "Eccentricity": 0.08181919104281579, "Transform": "Molodensky-Badekas", "Accuracy": 1, "Rect": [ -16.1, 32.88, 39.65, 84.17 ], "Unit": "Meter", "UnitScale": 1, "UnitShort": "m" }

JoeyD9 post(s)
#26-Oct-20 20:37

Hi Yves,

well, that was my idea that in essence Manifold would be systematically "grazing" through the WMS-Service in a certain boundary box and store the tiles of a certain zoom level as a database in order to, in a second step, vectorize the image. I don´t think I have time to manually build the tiles with a webbrowser and constantly think about false easting, but I have learned something new.

Thanks a lot for your help!

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#14-Oct-20 11:33

I found for Sachsen area also this link under the INSPIRE directive.

Flurstucke seem to be downloadable under restrictive use "Nutzungsbedingungen"

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