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#13-Oct-20 18:44


Playing around with a map I find that I would like to set the transparency on the styles pane as well as the layers pane. Not sure if this is desirable with the current interface logic but sometimes I would like to set the background of a polygon drawing to 50% transparent but not the outline. I know this can be done by having 2 drawings btw.

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#13-Oct-20 20:04

It's not the interface logic but the true object: Style ist a propery of the drawing but transparency is a property of the layer. Would it be desireable to have a transparency stored with in the drawing as well? How should both properties overlay? I think I don't like the idea because transparency makes sense in the set of drawings in a map - i.e. the stack of layers, not in a single drawing.

With groups of drawings organized in folders of the layerstack I find it easy and straight forward to combine different drawings and lables and control them by just one tab in the layerbar. This appraoch is extendible to any complexity. Again I like it the way it is.

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#13-Oct-20 20:36

+1. I agree with Klaus. The layer metaphor is a valuable thing.

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#13-Oct-20 21:44

There is a trick you can use

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