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#17-Oct-20 22:37

Question about scrolling through list of fields in the Transform pane. Some of my tables have hundreds of fields and the list of field names is long. The only way to scroll through the list of fields is by using the mouse to click on the up arrow or down arrow at the top/bottom of the list. Normal Windows scrolling with the mouse wheel or tablet gestures (I use a tablet) does not work to scroll up/down through the list. Neither does typing the first letter of the field name work to get me, for instance to the fields that start with that letter.

Is this by design or something worth of submitting a feature request?

LandSystems40 post(s)
#18-Oct-20 00:17

This is something that I have also been meaning to post about for some time as I have the same issue with some of my tables. I think it is definitely worth a request and will try to submit something after the weekend.


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#18-Oct-20 01:34

Agreed, it's something in 9 I've only recently noticed. Targeting a specific field which may be several hundred fields from the table top, by slavishly holding down the list's down arrow for a pedestrian-paced full table tour, is a real time-waster. Bad enough for a single table..

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