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Mike Pelletier

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#21-Oct-20 20:31

A suggestion regarding the new georegistration tool that is being worked on. I think it would be good if control points for each image are stored with the image so that those points can be revisited easily at a later date. Also allow copying and pasting those control points for use in other images.

Currently in 8, they are stored with the map. After finishing one image georegistration and starting a new one it is fastest to start with no control points so that the control point names automatically match between the map and the image without having to rename them. So it is easiest to just delete existing control points on the map before starting a new image georegistration. That's not ideal.

Maybe Manifold has already tackled this or maybe others have better ideas. Thoughts?


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#22-Oct-20 07:49

Sounds reasonable to me. Don't forget to send it in.

Mike Pelletier

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#22-Oct-20 22:41

Thanks. Done.

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