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#22-Oct-20 07:55

I try to develop a less trivial project in C# and Mfd9. Not a stand-alone app but running in Mfd9 GUI.

Is there a convenient way to use the advantage of the .Net environment and Visual Studio with InteliSense, debuigging or simply beeing aware of the line of the current curso?

The script is a Mfd9 component but that's no requirement.

C# is not save ground for me nor is the Mfd9 api. So I'm looking for technical help preferable as a step-by-step HowTo.

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#22-Oct-20 09:43

It is possible to debug add-in with Visual Studio.

You can set breakpoints and Step-Into if in Debug Build mode set:

* Build into C:\Program Files\Manifold\v9.0\shared\<Debug-your-add-in>\

* Debug Action is start C:\Program Files\Manifold\v9.0\bin64\manifold.exe

<PropertyGroup Condition=" '$(Configuration)|$(Platform)' == 'Debug|x64' ">


<OutputPath>C:\Program Files\Manifold\v9.0\shared\Debug\$safeprojectname$\</OutputPath>



<StartProgram>C:\Program Files\Manifold\v9.0\bin64\manifold.exe</StartProgram>


My template has this configured.


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#22-Oct-20 10:26

Thx Riivo, I'll have a closer look.

Politics is the art of making the impossible unavoidable

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