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#24-Oct-20 17:34

Hi all,

I have a problem namely I want to export the drawing to MS SQL with the geometry type "SQL Server" and not as "Manifold". With this type of geometry notation, I can then easily access the database with other GIS systems (eg QGIS). The problem arises because in the drop-down menu "Projection" offers me a projection UTM - 33 (N) but I need a projection EPSG 3794. How to do it? Is it necessary to write this desired projection in some table within MS SQL? Which one? Thanks for the help.

Best regards,

Andrej from sLOVEnia

Sail Now Work Latter :-)

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#02-Nov-20 11:10


Sail Now Work Latter :-)


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#02-Nov-20 11:45

Don't know about 8. I use 9 to work with SQL Server and all the other databases, since 9 automates so much of what must happen with DBMSs. See the stack of topics on SQL Server with 9, starting here.

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