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Bernd Raab44 post(s)
#04-Nov-20 11:36

I created a layout with aerial photographs from a wms-source. They show correctly in the map and the layout, but when I print the layout to pdf (microsoft print to pdf) the aerials do not show, only the vector data and the legend are visible. It works in GlobalMapper and QGIS too. I've tested another pdf-printer without success.

If I create a registered screenshot of the aerials the data is visible.


271 post(s)
#04-Nov-20 18:06

Interested in this as I am too.

Have you tried a file source of images from that area to test?

Bernd Raab44 post(s)
#04-Nov-20 21:06

yes, i have tested it. Bing and Google as imageservers works - not wms-sources. But what's strange, it works in some projects and in some not (tested with five different projects). In the moment i try to find the reason why, maybe projects created with earlier versions of cutting edge builds have layout conflicts with But this is a rough guess.


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#05-Nov-20 03:54

have layout conflicts

Not likely. More likely it is the WMS servers with issues like bounding boxes. 172.6 (see the What's New page) handles misconfigured WMS servers better, for example.

Try different PDF printers that allow you to set resolution for the vectorization, as well, since all that gets passed ultimately to the WMS server when the data source pulls imagery from the WMS to populate what is in the layout at the resolution commanded by the printer driver.

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