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WillS1 post(s)
#30-Dec-20 03:27

Hi, I'm having an issue when trying to use any of the WMS servers from Geoscience Australia in Manifold

For example, this one here is a server that isn't working for me:

I am able to link to the server (see first attachment). However, when I go to open it, it requires me to verify the projection. When I accept the default suggestion (second attachment) and zoom into the image, it reappears in a different location every time I zoom to a different spot and comes up with a corrupted image (third attachment).

I gather I'm doing something wrong with the projection. I've tried increasing the size in pixels in the first WMS dialog box and assigning to a few different projection types. I haven't had the same problem when using New South Wales WMS servers but they don't require you to assign the projection.

Assign Projection.PNG


6,436 post(s)
#30-Dec-20 08:46

Use 9. Works fine there:


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