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#01-Jan-21 06:59

There's a new video out on the videos page: 5 Minute Tutorial - Georegistration

The description:

In just five minutes we learn how to georegister (gereference) a vector drawing with an unknown coordinate system to a known-good map. Georegistration is a key capability that allows us to cast raster images and vector drawings into geographic context, so they can be used as GIS layers in maps. We can georegister aerial photos and drone photos, scan paper maps and georegister those for use in GIS, we can georegister CAD drawings, and we can rescue vector drawings and raster images that once had coordinate systems but were published in formats that failed to preserve coordinate systems. Super! Works in the free Viewer, too.


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#01-Jan-21 12:05

The video has been updated to add a small section near the end showing how to do live previews of using different georegistration algorithms (affine, triangulation, etc). Links in the forum posts and on the Videos page have been adjusted to point to the new video.


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#01-Jan-21 17:25

The video is great as always. Thanks.

It is realy good to have this tool.

Not that this is something you want to do ever, but if you change the name of the source image while performing the registration, I think the process breaks. Probably makes sense.


How soon?

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