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Peter Ronning
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#04-Jan-21 21:05

In M8 I have often used the "Orthographic" projection which is found under "Azimuthal". When I import something like a dxf into M8, Manifold usually presents "Orthographic" as a sort of default choice. For drawings whose location on the surface of the earth doesn't matter or whose true projection is unknown, I often just accept "Orthographic".

I recently downloaded the M9 viewer, which I'm playing with while deciding about purchasing the full version of M9.

In the viewer I don't see the "Orthographic" projection, nor even the "Azimuthal" group. Are they or equivalents present in M9?


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#04-Jan-21 22:25

Manual page for the Orthographic.

And for the Azimuthal projections.

Peter Ronning
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#05-Jan-21 02:07

Thanks. The information in the manual is helpful, but it didn't actually tell me how to find the Orthographic projection in the projection dialog. However, I eventually found it, in the Custom tabl.

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