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#07-Jan-21 09:09

There's a new video on the videos page: 5 Minute Tutorial - Georegister a Drone Photo

This video uses exactly the same data as ESRI's "how to georeference a drone photo" tutorial given in an ArcGIS User magazine article showing workflow for ArcGIS Pro. That makes it easy to compare Manifold workflow with Arc workflow.

What's amazing is how much clumsier the workflow is in Pro. For example, the ArcUser article starts the workflow by prepping the image, assigning a projection the same as the target, etc. Here's a quote from the article:

"In the Contents pane, select EV_001.JPG, click the Imagery tab, and click Georeference. Notice the Georeferencing window in the upper-right corner. On the far left of the Georeference ribbon, click the Set SRS (for spatial reference system) button. Confirm that the Map XY coordinate system is NAD 1983 UTM Zone 10N.

Click Transformation and set the transformation from GCS WGS 1984 to WGS 1984 (ITRF00) TO NAD 1983. Click OK to apply and save again.

Get Ready to Georeference

In the map, right-click the Drone 4 Image Outline layer and choose Zoom to layer. Write down the scale visible in the lower-left corner.

Calculate two-thirds of that scale value (for example, if the scale at Zoom to layer is 3,000, then change the scale to 2,000)..."

No thanks! None of that is necessary in Manifold, as you can just import the .jpg and start adding control points to the drone image. :-) You can also georeference directly to a Google or other web served layer, or use a mix of vector and raster layers in a map (an upcoming video on georeferencing a map of Gettysburg will show that).

If anyone wants to compare Manifold workflow to ESRI, you should be aware ESRI has two completely different tools with different interfaces, slightly different nomenclature, capabilities and limitations, depending on whether you want to georegister raster images or vector drawings. If you want to georegister vectors, you have to use the "spatial adjustment" tool, which (to my taste) is even clumsier than the raster georeferencing tool.

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#08-Jan-21 22:14

If you haven't clicked on Dimitri's link to the ESRI workflow, OMG, you have to. Just skim over it.

But on this topic, having the transparent preview and ability to edit the registration before committing is amazing. There were many times when I had to draw neighborhoods where the original drawing had no dimensions. The trial and error approach in M8 could be tedious.

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