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CurtissP405 post(s)
#08-Jan-21 18:57

Is it possible to connect to Googles Earth Engine for the imagery within their site?

Sorry, new user, and struggling to understand the web Data source

787 post(s)
#08-Jan-21 21:48

Are you asking how to use Google Earth's imagery inside Manifold?

Right click in the Project pane > Create > New Data Source > Google Maps v2 Satellite

Then drag the image into a map.

If you don't see the Google Maps view, then click More and go from there.

Create Google Sat View in Manifold.jpg

CurtissP405 post(s)
#08-Jan-21 23:45

Thanks dchall8

Not quite right. I would like to connect to Earth Engine by Google

It has huge data libraries with many feeds from many different sources




296 post(s)
#09-Jan-21 01:30

This is not something Manifold is directly linking currently.

Registering might let you call ee libraries from inside Manifold.

update: Just got access. Seems the only access to their datasets is through either the web layering browser, or programmatically through the code editor. Will need time to sift through this.

From their page.

Access to Google Earth Engine is currently only available to registered users. The API is in active development, and users should expect the API to change. When (not if) API changes occur, applications that use the API will likely need to be updated.

CurtissP405 post(s)
#09-Jan-21 03:24


Was worried I was doing something wrong


6,358 post(s)
#09-Jan-21 05:45

It has huge data libraries with many feeds from many different sources

If you look at the Google Earth Engine data catalog ( what you see are public data sets that are available from USGS, Amazon AWS and other sources. It could be that some of the data they provide is unique to Google, but I've not found any like that, so my guess is that over 98% of what they provide is the usual public domain stuff like Landsat, Modis, etc.

For example, here are the Sentinal-2 cloud optimized GeoTIFFs on Amazon AWS:Sentinel-2 Cloud-Optimized GeoTIFFs - Registry of Open Data on AWS (

What Google has done is republish public data in a way that is locked within their proprietary application so you are forced to rely on Google for everything you do, and to agree to Google surveillance of everything you do and every byte you touch, and to agree to let Google do whatever they want with what they learn about you and your work. You don't own your behavior on Google Earth Engine - Google owns that.

They know what you browse, what portions of the Earth interest you, whether you are interested in higher res imagery of a particular town, and they can easily infer what your politics are on climate and similar matters based on how you work with the data. They have very, very refined AI for that, and for data mining the associations between the vast wealth of data they have on you from all the other points of contact you have with Internet.

They can and do use and sell that information however they want. So don't be surprised if your YouTube recommendations suddenly start popping up videos or the ads Google shows you on other websites are based on inferences Google makes about your interests as derived from the data you looked at on GE. That's their business model. As they say in Las Vegas when people complain about losing a bit more than they planned at the tables, "Hey, somebody has to pay for all those lights..."

I'm not slamming Google, because it is a legitimate business model and they provide the convenience of collecting a variety of data in one place with a common API for writing code that accesses that data. They also are very good at citing the original source of the data, so it's clear they're not trying to take credit for, say, Landsat 8. They don't provide links to unrestricted access to that data, but based on Google's descriptions it's generally very easy to find such links, including to WMS and other web servers that provide open access to public data with no fees, no surveillance and no licensing restrictions.

I have yet to find a data set in the Google Earth Engine catalog for which I could not find the original data source (or sources that republish the data in unrestricted form) and that I could not use the data I wanted in Manifold. Release 9 is very good at being able to work with many different formats, etc. If you have some specific data you're interested in, say what it is and people here can help you find the original source and provide tips for using it.

dprellwitz60 post(s)
#09-Jan-21 23:06

CurtissP40 - I've been a user of Manifold, ArcGIS and many DB's for over 10 years, if i've learned nothing else, ALL of these individuals - especially Dimitri, are professional, straight answering and always willing to assist. Far more than any other company, agency, unit or organization I've ever had to work with. If I ever have a question (either specific to Manifold, GIS, geo-encoding or other geographic topics) they are always there with suggestions, answers, solutions or ways for you to learn how. Manifold has tons of ways to let you learn at your own pace - and to assist you.

CurtissP405 post(s)
#10-Jan-21 17:45

Thanks so much for the informative replies

I have been studying the forum, and am really impressed with the quality of knowledge, understanding and helpfulness from many contributors.

2021 will certainly be a year of learning for me

Thanks everyone

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