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#04-Feb-21 10:15


I have the M8 32 bits Professional Edition with the Business and Surface Tools, and I would like to upgrade to the M8 64 Bits Ultimate.

My question is this, is there no special price for this update? The only option is to buy an Ultimate key for $ 95?


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#04-Feb-21 10:24

You are right on the fact that it seems not to be any upgrade price apart acquiring a M8 64 Bits license on the store. But in my very personal reading of the price, this is already a special price, as said only my own personal opinion.


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#04-Feb-21 11:53

Hello APO,

I know that the price it's a special price... But I am a scrooge

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#04-Feb-21 17:15

How much is your time worth? I'm guessing it's worth more than $95 per day. Have you wasted $95 worth of your time worrying and delaying buying the latest version?

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#04-Feb-21 17:41

unless you have a really old computer, I suspect the difference in performance will be great and well worth it. There are still some intensive tasks I prefer to do in M8 because they are so much easier to set up. They complete about 5x faster than they did with M8 64 bits on my computer of five years ago and I don't know if I would be seeing that improvement with M8 32 bit.

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