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irfan7 post(s)
#04-Feb-21 16:53

There is very nice video from Manifold sales about merging surfaces/images in Manifold 9.

Do we have same possibility of merging surfaces in Manifold 8?

I have around 32 surfaces, which i want to merge into one.

808 post(s)
#04-Feb-21 17:11

You could merge them in M9, export the image, and open in M8. I'm not sure the exported .tif file will retain the location information. Or you could Export Project to a .mxb file and open that in M8. That will retain the location.

irfan7 post(s)
#04-Feb-21 17:19

I dont have M9 at the moment. That is why I am trying to find a solution in M8


9,550 post(s)
#04-Feb-21 18:14

The only built-in way to do that in 8 is by Copy and Paste.

The method is, first, open whichever surface you want to be expanded to include the contents of the others. This could be the lower left surface for example, but it can be any. Call this surface 1.

Next, open each other surface in turn, Copy it to the clipboard, then return to surface 1 and Paste (Paste Append is best), saying yes if asked to expand image 1. Do the same for all other source surfaces (31 in your case).

This is labourious and time consuming, and there is a catch. At each point, the whole of surface 1, and two copies of each source surface in turn, must fit in available memory (including virtual memory). So if your surfaces are large, this process will become progressively slower, and may for practical purposes grind to a halt.

But you can try it. It might be a good way to convince yourself to buy Manifold 9.

drtees98 post(s)
#15-Feb-21 23:10

I have used this technique for quite some time now to piece together high-resolution orthoimages I download from EarthExplorer. It is tedium to do. If you have two monitors, at least you can do other work while the images are being merged. I also use it for projects that straddle different LiDAR files, or when I need to ensure that I have all available terrain data to accurately determine watersheds.

That said, I also watch my memory in the Activity Monitor. Manifold will keep working even if the memory on your computer is maxxed out by using your computer's hard disk to page out some of the system memory. That tends to make the append take a lifetime to process. The solution there is to save your work and closed down Manifold 8, then restart it and continue with the merge. Whatever excess memory that was being used by Manifold 8 will be cleared out and freed.

808 post(s)
#04-Feb-21 22:53

Is this a hobby or are you selling your services? I mentioned this today on another topic, what is your time worth? Even for a hobby, $95 for a shiny new copy of M9 is amazingly low.

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