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JoeyD24 post(s)
#08-Feb-21 22:39

Hi, I have a large drawing with 5.5 million parcel geometries. Displaying them in M9 takes ages, although neither the CPU (10-15%) nor the GPU (~0%) nor the SSD RAID (5-10%) are anywhere close to their limits according to the resource monitor. Is there anything I can do or check or configure to gain some speed? The answer might be "buy a bigger computer", but how do I find the limiting factor to improve? Thanks for some thoughts.


9,627 post(s)
#09-Feb-21 02:13


Probably most important: where is the drawing stored, and in what format? (Where is more important.)

Secondly: does the drawing's table have the usual RTREE index on the pertinent geometry field? (Check this with Ctrl-E.)


6,511 post(s)
#09-Feb-21 06:51

Displaying them in M9 takes ages

Sounds like something is very wrong. Here's a video showing 9 at work quickly rendering 44 million lines... those are complex lines so they're a fair approximation to parcel geometries.

Key questions are those Tim asked. Did you import the drawing or just link to it?

I don't think the RTREE index is the issue, since without a spatial index on the geom the drawing wouldn't display at all (unless you're creating a temporary index when the system complains about a lack of an index).

jsperr104 post(s)
#09-Feb-21 10:56

Can you post the data or a download link to it?

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