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#26-Feb-21 15:15

There's a new video on the videos page: Georeference a Historic Map using a List of Cities

The video shows an alternate approach to marking control points, instead of adding them manually to the target window it shows how to pull control points automatically from a drawing of points, in this cases cities.


We use Manifold Release 9 to georeference a scanned paper map downloaded from the Library of Congress that shows slave populations in Southern States in the 1860 census.

The scanned map shows locations of cities, which we will use as control points. We create a drawing to quickly mark the locations of cities in the scanned image. Next, we download a modern map of cities in the US and their locations. We can use the list of cities in the modern map as a source of control points for the target, saving us from having to enter them manually.

Manifold automatically matches names, ignoring those that are not needed, from the modern map during the georegistration process. Super! Watch Manifold georeference a 10,500 x 8,380 scanned raster in a few seconds. All this works in the free Manifold Viewer too.

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