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bejaysea3 post(s)
#26-Feb-21 17:46

Is possible to get a pdf print driver to support 24x36in? It doesn't seem like you can specify that and have it work. I'm wondering where the limitation is.


1,273 post(s)
#26-Feb-21 18:05

Most PDF applications allow you to add custom page sizes. In Adobe Acrobat, you can select the Adobe PDF printer > Printing Preferences >Paper Size: PostScript Custom Page Size and set the width and height there.

Nothing to do with Manifold directly, unless you're having issues selecting custom sizes in the application?

bejaysea3 post(s)
#26-Feb-21 20:49

If I go past 11x17, one of the predefined sizes, the formatting is shifted or sized funny. At least it doesn't appear correct in Acrobat viewer. I was wondering if anyone else had experience with producing maps for large format printers.

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#26-Feb-21 22:34

Where I worked there was a 42-inch plotter. When I tried to export or create a large PDF for plotting, the image would be cut off about 2/3 of the way across the image. That was from printing to Adobe and other PDF drivers on a Windows 7 computer.

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#01-Mar-21 15:17

Hi bejaysea, I have not yet encountered problems with M9 while printing to large formats (or with the preview in Acrobat Reader, for instance). After setting up the page format in M9 be sure to match that same page configuration in the pdf printer settings you're using.

For printing to PDF format I mostly use Bullzip, Cute PDF or Microsoft's driver (Microsoft Print to PDF, built into Windows 10). You can search this topic for further info: MR 9 - Print output to SVG (

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