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Frequently Asked Questions for Forum

Q: What questions should I ask in this forum area?

A: Anything related to the operation of this web site, including reports on bugs in existing features and requests for new features. For where to post other questions, see the FAQ for the General forum area.

Q: What is your schedule for adding new features?

A: We are planning to add small bits of functionality as they are requested. We are getting a couple of engineering slots for that every month.

Feel free to post whatever else you think should be in the list in this thread.


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#17-Jan-08 08:46

Some more:

Q: How do I use the post editor? What is the purpose of all these buttons?

A: The post editor consist of the text editing area, the toolbars and the statusbar with the tabs. Some of the toolbar buttons toggle various characteristics of the font of the selected text (Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikethrough, Superscript, Subscript), some toggle the style of the current paragraph (Insert Bullet List, Insert Numbered List), and some insert new visual elements or new paragraphs of different styles (Insert Horizontal Rule, Insert Heading, Insert Subheading, Insert Text, Insert Quote, Insert Code, buttons with the smilies and the Insert Symbol button together with the symbol combo). The Insert Link button converts the selected text into a hyperlink taking the URL from the Link URL field. If the Link URL field does not contain a valid URL (eg, its text contains a space), the Insert Link button does nothing. TheRemove Link button converts the selected link into ordinary text, and the Remove Formatting button clears all formatting from the selected text. The tabs allow switching between the visual editing view and raw HTML view.

Q: How do I make my code snippets use syntax highlighting?

A: First off, make sure your code goes into the code section created by the Insert Code toolbar button. Then, hint the highlighter on the language in use by pre-pending one of the recognized sequences at the start of the snippet: //C, //C++, //C#, //Javascript, //JS, //JScript, //JScript.NET, 'VB, 'VB.NET, 'VBS, 'VBScript, --SQL, #.

Q: How do I attach files to a post? Is there a limit on the number of files I can attach?

A: You can attach files when composing the post or when editing it. There is no limit on the total number of files, but you can only attach up to 4 files at once (so if you want to attach 6 files, attach first 4 files when composing the post, then edit the post and attach the remaining 2 files). The size of a single file is limited to 4 MB.

Q: Why I can no longer edit my posts?

A: You can only edit your posts within 15 minutes after they have been submitted. This is a measure to protect against forum abuse.


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#26-Feb-08 23:15

Even more:

Q: I just voted on a poll but I made the wrong choice by accidentally clicking the wrong button. Can I revert my choice?

A: Yes. Just vote one more time and the system will override your previous choice.

Q: We are a company providing services related to Manifold. Would you include a link to our site on your Links page?

A: Send an email to or to and we will consider this.

Q: We are a company / organization / group of Manifold users and we have a conference / meeting / birds of a feather session / another event related to Manifold. Would you list our event on your home page?

A: Start a thread in the General area describing the event and include precise dates and name of the event. That should normally be enough for us to automatically pick up the event information and incorporate it into the list of upcoming events on the home page. If you think we have missed your announcement, send an email to or to


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#10-Mar-08 10:26

Two more:

Q: What is the meaning of the stars shown under user avatars?

A: The stars indicate the number of posts made by a user. A large star is worth 1000 posts. A small star is worth 125 posts.

Q: Avatars are annoying. Can I turn them off?

A: Yes, by going to your profile and setting the value of the "Avatars in posts" option under "Display Options" to "none". You can also set the value of that option to "static", to replace animated avatars with their static equivalents.

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#21-Apr-08 18:22


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#13-Jun-08 09:31

Is there a way to search past posts for keywords? I'm probably just missing something.

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#17-Jun-08 13:31

Ignore me, I didn't sleep. The search would be at the bottom of the page...eeee.


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#06-Dec-08 06:21

To add to JC's exploration of the forum:

You can't see controls for search in home and you can't see them inside of a thread. Only when you have entered one of the sections General .. All posts. BTW search is not resticted to the category it's started from.


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#05-Feb-09 07:45

Notes on the forum from Manifold documentation:

The Manifold Online Community

The Community choice connects to the online Georeference forum at run by Manifold users. Note that this is not a "factory" web site managed by - it is simply an online meeting place where Manifold users from all over the world can meet to discuss Manifold System.

The Community forum can be a great place to discuss Manifold with your friends online, to give and to get technical assistance and to talk about new ideas for Manifold and for using Manifold. Experienced members of the Manifold online community offer the following advice when visiting the forum:

·People who read and make posts in the forum are ordinary users just like you. They all have their "day jobs" and are visiting the forum on their own time.

·If you need help using Manifold, don't be impatient to get answers to your postings. Remember, other people reading the forum are ordinary users just like you. If they have time and take an interest in helping you, they may post a reply. But any participation by anyone is completely voluntary. If you have a technical question and need a response for sure, see the Technical Support topic.

·People in the online Manifold community tend to be very generous with their time unless they feel they are being taken advantage of. Postings of the form "I don't have any time to learn about this... someone please do it for me" won't usually get many responses. In contrast, a posting that shows you have studied the documentation and have tried to work out a problem before raising it in the forum will normally get many responses from all over the world.

·There may be people who are employed by and who are active in the forum. If so, they are there on their own time as ordinary hobbyists with a personal interest in using Manifold. They are not paid to participate in the forum, so don't think they have any special obligations to answer questions or to provide a special communications channel to If anything, other members of the Manifold online community will be especially annoyed at newbies who pester any employees on the forum because they know that is the surest way to drive such people off the forum.

·When engaging someone in a discussion thread, do not email them directly unless invited to do so by that person. Any responses to postings in the forum should be made on the forum where everyone can read them and where people have a choice as to whether they want to respond or not.

·As in any community, your reputation in the community depends upon you. If you are courteous and knowledgeable and helpful you will find many supportive users who will reciprocate.

·Keep in mind that users from all over the world participate in the online Manifold community and that English is not a first language for many participants. Sometimes it is helpful to use simple English and to avoid slang if a language gap arises.

· does not moderate the forum nor monitor it for suggestions. If you have a suggestion to improve the product, read the Contacting topic and then send your suggestions directly to Use the forum as a good place to discuss your ideas with other Manifold users so that when you send in your suggestion it is as strong as possible.

·The Manifold online community is for discussing Manifold. It is not for religious or political or other off-topic posts.

For tips on suggestions and advocacy, see


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#18-Dec-09 17:27

Q: I'm not on the system blacklist but a post I made to the forum disappeared. What gives?

A: That usually happens if you reply to a post by someone who gets on the system blacklist.

Suppose SpamGuy makes a post with spam in it, and someone else on the forum replies to that with a comment about the spam but then they also toss a comment into that posting that's something sensible, not spam. You reply to that bit, forgetting that you are now in a sub-thread responding to a SpamGuy's original post. When SpamGuy sooner or later wins a place on the system blacklist as the admin volunteers realize he is spamming the forum, all the postings he has made as well as responses to those postings get disappeared as well.

Q: How do I recover what I inadvertently posted in response to a spammer and what is now gone?

A: Easy. Click on your Profile and temporarily uncheck the "Hide posts from users in system blacklist" box. Now your replies appear with all the spam. Copy whatever text you want to rescue and make a new posting that is not in reply to the spammer. Go back to your Profile and re-check the "Hide posts from users in system blacklist" box so you don't have to see all the junk blocked by the system blacklist. Done!


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#25-Aug-10 22:48

Q: How exactly do I post code with proper formatting? You say I should use a code section. How exactly do I do that?

A: Finish the text that should go before the code and place the cursor after the last character. Press the Insert Code button in the toolbar. This will create a code section with the word 'code' in it. Double-click the word 'code' to select it. Type or paste your code, overwriting that word. If you want syntax highlighting, make sure your code starts with one of the recognized language sequences as mentioned here. To get out of the code section and continue writing text, place the cursor at the end of the last line in the code section, press the Insert Text button in the toolbar, double-click the word 'text' in the newly created text section and start typing your text.


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#27-Sep-10 03:58

Q: Where is search?!

A: At the bottom of the thread list. Set Post text and / or Post author to the desired values, then click Apply to perform the search. After you are done, click Clear to see all threads again.

Mike Fisher

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#14-Nov-12 06:07

Q: I got on the system blacklist. How did that happen? How do I get off?

A: Begin by reading the Terms and Conditions of participation in this forum. That page has important information all participants should know and honor and includes useful information such as email contacts for admins. From the Terms and Conditions of participation:

It's not easy to get on the system blacklist - people really have to work at it, which seems to come naturally to those who don't think rules should apply to them.

Egregious violations may result in an immediate ban. In most cases a courtesy notice is sent to provide a course correction and to remind the recipient of these rules. Courtesy notices will usually inform the recipient that they have a limited time to respond with a reply indicating they have read these rules and agree to abide by them. If the recipient does not respond within the given time they go on the system blacklist.

The number one reason why people are surprised to find themselves on the system blacklist is they have been sent a courtesy notice for disallowed content and they have failed to respond to that courtesy notice. The resultant ban arises from failure to respond to an important administrative notice and not from the initial infraction, which may be minor. Forum participants should therefore take care to maintain a valid email address in their profiles so admins can contact them to avoid such problems.

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