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#30-Jun-09 21:14

Following review of the validation results, METI and NASA have decided to jointly release the ASTER GDEM on June 29, 2009. Previously, METI and NASA announced their intent to contribute the ASTER GDEM to the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS). Upon release, the ASTER GDEM will be available at no charge to users worldwide via electronic download from ERSDAC and from NASA’s Land Processes Distributed Active Archive Center (LP DAAC) by visiting



This info from another forum.

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#01-Jul-09 01:25

wow! many thanks for the links!

hopefuly I will be able to download it as the server seems to be super busy..

Gustavo Palminha

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#01-Jul-09 02:47

I've also been there also :)

Really nice.

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#01-Jul-09 07:10

Yeah, the server is quite busy and even when you have a good connection is kinda tough to work with it, but the data looks good!

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#01-Jul-09 13:15

Are the data really downloadble? I ran through the site, signed up and stopped where - apparently - the only option was a request for the data to be sent, presumably on DVD. Likewise on the .jp site, it appears that the data cannot be downloaded.

Has anyone achieved download of extracts of ASTER GDEM data? If so, a link please!



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#01-Jul-09 14:43

We've tried too, both sides of the Pacific, and no luck.


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#01-Jul-09 15:28

This might help....

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#01-Jul-09 15:49

Have you had a result with that Colin?

We found that it didn't bear fruit yesterday. Search worked, but no delivery.

I think we only tried Firefox for this site, though we tried both IE and Firefox for WIST.


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#01-Jul-09 16:43

No luck on delivery yet here either (IE)

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#01-Jul-09 19:29

I was able to download the data just fine using the WIST website ( The interface is complex and confusing, so the tutorial link at the top of that page is somewhat helpful.

You must create an account before anything else, or it won't work correctly. Once you've done that, logging in is also confusing -- you need to log in first, click the Login button, the page refreshes and then you can complete the rest of the search form (in other words, you can't log in and search at the same time even though they're on the same page).

For the ASTER DEM data, choose ASTER from the Land column, then choose ASTER Global Digital Elevation Model from the list below the heading "Choose Keywords for One or More Categories". To order, they ask for your physical address and it looks as though they're going to send you a CD, but a few minutes after submitting my order, I got an email with an FTP download link. The data I looked at was very good and had no holes or weird artifacts.

One more thing: the interface only works with some browsers, such as IE7, but not Google Chrome.

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#01-Jul-09 19:54

I found it confusing at first too, but I've used it from time to time and never love the experience but have always managed to make it work (until now).

I get to the last stage on WIST (if I'm lucky) and receive an error saying that the job status can't be changed. (Yes, cookies completely enabled.)

I'm encouraged to know it works for someone, so will keep trying, and check my procedure against your excellent instructions just in case.

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#02-Jul-09 00:15

I have never seen a download procedure as complex as the WIST site. They could have gone for an easy FTP solution, but have for some reason chosen this one instead. Still waiting for my "order" to be processed.

anaximander1 post(s)
#02-Jul-09 19:37

I keep getting 'no granules found' for my search. Is there something specific that needs to be put in for the 'search area' or the 'date/time range'? Its really frustrating. I've tried with different area extents and still get the same thing.

karlnyberg1 post(s)
#08-Jul-09 09:53

Howsabout we collect all the downloaded data in one place, effectively mirroring it and create our own server?

I'd be willing to coordinate if folks want to contribute.

-- Karl --

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