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#02-May-10 13:22

Attached below is an update to PlotTraverse. This is version 1.1. The PlotTraverse pane contains 2 new checkboxes. The first will, in addition to plotting traverse lines, plot points at the traverse corners and record to the drawing's owned table corner codes or corner descriptions that the user includes in the data file. The second check box will record description data and grid data to the owned table for the indivdual lines of traverse including bearings, azimuths, distances, and distance units. If neither of these boxes is checked, PlotTraverse 1.1 will behave exactly like version other words it will just plot the traverse as one polyline. I like to think of this as a "trial plot" where the user can judge if any x-y movement of the starting point of the traverse is necessary and whether any rotation is necessary. After the user is happy with the trial plot, the trial plot can be easily deleted and a final plot can be done with creation of corner points and corner codes/descriptions, and/or table data recorded on the individual lines of the traverse.

This version of PlotTraverse will also accept as input an Arc Traverse file, subject to certain restrictions. The pdf documentation has been updated to cover these additions.

If you encouter any bugs let me know. As before, use at you own risk and insure that the add-in produces the results that you expect.

Tim Osborn


Mike Pelletier

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#03-May-10 08:01

Excellent Tim! Thanks very much for those new features. I suspect even if Manifold does come out with a similar tool with version 9 it probably won't read Arc traverse files :-) This is a huge advance forward for many GIS users. Thanks for all your efforts.

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#03-May-10 17:16

Tim, Many thanks for your excellent add-in. Stellar work and very generous of you to share it with with us. This will save me many hours of deed plotting in another program, then bringing it over to Manifold.

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#03-May-10 22:26

Let me add my amen brother. Great work. You can use the basic drawing for the so called "Deed Plotter" drawing with the calls as labels on the lines. Then you overlay the drawing on your survey work for a finished product. My broker wants a "deed plot" drawing, a Tobin Map overlay and a satellite overlay for the final lease.

If figures do not lie, but liars sure can figure. Just imagine what we can be do with a map.

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#03-Aug-10 15:08

I also want to thank you for taking this on. I had given up hope in 2004 when Dimitri put us on notice that Manifold would never support such arcane survey systems. Metes and bounds have been used for thousands of years and are not going away despite what Manifold thinks is the future.

Mike Fisher

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#03-Aug-10 15:25

I had given up hope in 2004 when Dimitri put us on notice that Manifold would never support such arcane survey systems.

? I don't recall that ever being said. Could you post a link?

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